三上奈緒  Nao MIKAMI

旅する料理人  Nomadic cook






隔週末は南青山の「DOWN THE STAIRS」にて旅先での出会いを料理にする。

子どもたちへの食教育として、Edible schoolyard japanのchef teacherも行う。

Nao Mikami’s lifelong journey as a nomadic chef has taken her to various locations where ingredients are sourced,
where she shares her cuisine inspired by local produce.   After working as an elementary school dietitian upon graduating Tokyo University of Agriculture, she relocated to France where she launched her career in cuisine. Her expertise and knowledge for food and its preparation were developed through her experience in restaurants, which include France Le Clos des Sens in Annecy, La Cabro d’Or in Provence, La Blanche in Tokyo, and Chez Panisse in Califorinia.   As a culinary nomad, she travels to various locations in Japan where she meets the people who produce
the ingredients used in her dishes, and stages pop-up culinary experiences. She enjoys cooking in rural settings
where she feels a sense of connectivity with nature, preparing locally sourced ingredients on an open fire.






Nao’s mission is to share through her cuisine the stories of food and where it comes from, as her cooking
is inspired by the people who produce the finest in organic ingredients with a sense of commitment in preserving our natural resources for future generations.   By bringing closer those who eat her dishes and those who produce the ingredients, she hopes to create a community of food awareness, where people recognize the benefits of ingredients that are harvested in ways that are ecologically sound as a delicious option in their food choices. Nao believes that educating the next generation about food play an important part in a society that prioritizes a sustainable future. Her collaborations include working as Chef Teacher

for Edible Schoolyard Japan, a food education curriculum for children.  

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